Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions :

The client automatically agrees to these terms after paying for any service or funding the balance in the personal cabinet
Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability!

What's Prohibited?

It is forbidden to use servers for port scanning and similar software. * If you're not sure if the server is suitable for your purposes, please contact the Contacts, you will definitely be consulted!

Payment Refunds

We do not refund funds once they are received in accounts. Refunds are only available if the paid service was not fully provided.

Deadlines for Deleting Suspended Services :

VPS orders will be deleted the day after the deadline, in case of no payment. Pay in advance, don't leave everything for the last day.

Extras :

We do not keep backup servers. In case of unforeseen circumstances, a replacement server is issued. As practice shows, we never refuse the client and always try to help, even if it is not our responsibility.